Check Your Indian Railways Tickets PNR Status

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Check Indian Railways PNR status

What is PNR Status?

Train PNR Status is the check of PNR from travel web site a record of passengers name in Indian Railways. It contains a  reserved ticket of ten digit number identifying each on it. It’s the unique number that associates Train passengers across i-ticket, e-ticket and also available over the ticket counters. Train PNR Status is automatically generated by computer reservation system. Each ticket contains passenger’s details like name, sex, age, date of travel, journey start and destination, class of their travel, reservation from which helps in Train PNR Status check. While booking there is a Train PNR Status which changes its status depending upon the confirmed seat, coupe and berth.

Where to Get PNR number on ticket?


How To Check PNR Status ?

PNR number is used by the passengers across the world for getting details of their travel. PNR number would be displayed on top row and in both electronic tickets and printed tickets for rail tickets status there are numerous search options are given by Indian Railways for Rail PNR status enquiry on daily basis. Anyone can conveniently look for desired information. Electronic tickets contain both PNR and SMS facilities. Rail tickets status can be checked by using 3 Digit SMS code provided by IRCTC that can be availed by sending a SMS text PNR without any space to the number 139 or Send a SMS with PNR space and the 10 digit number to 5676747 which applies premium SMS charges. The PNR space and the 10 digit number can also be sent to 1234546453 to 9773300000 for checking train PNR status.

We can check Train PNR Status via SMS, Phone Call or Online. Also there are several websites that provide Train PNR Status. One can check the Rail tickets status on the website of the Railways at the Check PNR tab on the screen .Further, the passengers can travel with soft copy of the tickets in PDF form or in their phone, laptop also by the SMS received from IRCTC. As accepted by railways SMS is easiest mode of showing ticket reservation.

Train PNR Status also includes important information about the current reservation status of passengers which get updated with every cancellation of rail tickets via rail tickets status if it is unreserved continuously. If rail tickets status is reserved against cancellation or waitlisted the status keep changing when others are bookings takes place at the rail PNR status. Tickets get cancelled or when there is an emergency of tickets, the ticket will be taken out of general pool. Rail tickets status provides a medium to check PNR status for the passengers. In Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry according to their halts on their route and average speed can be checked through Train PNR Status.

What is the Benefit Of Checking Train PNR Status before Travelling ?

From the website Train PNR Status is communicated to the passenger whether the tickets are confirmed, wait listed, reserved, etc. It is quite common to find out whether the passengers ticket is confirmed or cancelled. We book railway tickets through online from IRCTC website or through the Railway reservation counter, the Rail tickets status booking can be with status confirmed or in waiting list or the RAC list depending on the vacancy of berths and quota allotted to the particular station. After chart preparation is made if the passenger reservation is still in the waiting list then passenger will not be allowed to board the train.

At Train PNR Status passenger booking should not be against reservation against cancellation. The chart for train reservation is been prepared before 4 hours of the commencement of journey at the origin station. PNR number serves as a very useful tool in knowing Seat Numbers the Berth along with your at Train PNR Status. The coach number by which passenger can embark the train without confusion with the help of Rail PNR status. As Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express trains are high speed trains available in Indian Railway which connect to a moderate distanced to an important stations. Train PNR Status stand as a useful to board these trains without confusion.

Through Train PNR Status checking it is made extremely easier for the passenger to check the PNR Status of Indian Railways Train tickets. These service seamlessly Train PNR Status is available on each and every mobile phones, laptop, desktop or tablets computers. They are the most probable and convenient method among all. What passengers have to do is to enter their ten digit pnr number in the empty box present over the top of homepage of the rail tickets status check of the railways and then click on the get PNR Status button. Within few minutes passenger’s current reservation status or details will appear on the computer. Passengers from different and multiple railway zones can check their status of their reservation tickets with the help of this intuitive interface.

If passenger is new to train ticket reservation procedure, they might not be aware what IRCTC PNR Status actually means. With the help of the website Train PNR Status check given by the railways passenger can check whether their ticket is confirmed, wait listed, or reserved. The website provides a medium to Train PNR Status check with PNR number on Indian Railways train tickets. It is generally printed at the top left corner on the printed tickets. Trains are categorized according to their number of halts on their route and on average speed list of train types which contain PNR.  In Metro Trains the tickets do not generate unique PNR number because one cannot reserve a seat in these trains. These trains run on their scheduled time and on a moderate in speed. In Suburban locals trains seat reservation is not possible hence one cannot get PNR status for tickets provided. Also these trains are divided into fast locals and slow locals trains. All reserved tickets whether it is confirmed are placed on RAC or Waitlisted by IRCTC or Indian Railways chart rail tickets status check provide complete information.

PNR Checking History

PNR is a travel record of group of persons or an individual person in the railway database of the computer reservation system that can be checked at rail pnr status check. They were made to assist the Railway system that suffered delays while expanding prior to the establishment of the Philippine Commonwealth. At that time the Philippines were designated as an insular area.  In practical terms, PNR has almost five parts which are essential in order to get the booking done. The five parts of requisites of PNR number are as mentioned as details of ticket as passenger’s name, travel agent’s contact details with a minimum of one segment that should be similar for all passengers listed. In India there are number of trains which are listed by them they are suburban locals, Passenger trains, Metro trains, Shatabdi and Janshatabdi express, Express & Super-fast Express, Rajdhani Express, Garib Rath.

PNR Check In Indian Trains

Through Garib Rath trains any one can check the PNR status through the Train PNR Status check provided by them. Seats can be reserved in shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express train and pnr status can be checked in both Shatabdi trains which are of fully air-conditioned. Express & Super-fast Express these trains are relatively faster in booking the tickets which generates ten digits PNR number which is unique to identify the traveler. In Rajdhani Express we can check PNR status on the website which is available on the website of Rajdhani express which connects major cities of India. Only very few stops are there in between their available routes. These trains generally run on their scheduled time and are of a high priority trains. Generous bunch of people stuck with booking of these trains, as they don’t understand the abbreviated terms of which are presented on top side of the ticket given. With Rail PNR status checks, the online queries regarding PNR is computerized reservation applications which are obtained and are available for the Public from time with hours IST also on Sunday’s without any notification these timings are prone to change.

In brief of Train PNR Status checking facilities for train by the PNR number assist the passenger check rail PNR status through websites available. There are types of PNR status codes available in website for Train PNR Status check. Through the unique PNR number and rail PNR status check passenger will get to know all the travel related queries and get all the required information. It can help them in knowing the exact status of train by which they are travelling, whether the tickets are confirmed or not, berth number and the exact amount of money they have to pay for journey. Indian Railways offers reservation facilities for the long journeys passengers. They can use this reservation service for maximum of 60 days before the date of journey. If they are planning a trip as an individual, with family, friends or passengers they can also book the tickets both through online and offline mode. Reservation facilities are offered by the Indian Railways for the long journeys passengers. Passengers are facilitated with the information through Train PNR Status check by getting railway station codes that can be found by visiting station codes link. To find train name and train number on the Train PNR Status check, passenger can just go to landing page of Train Name and Number. If passengers wants to check their current reservation status of passengers are of wait list or RAC Reservation against cancellation tickets, then passengers can directly click on PNR Status for their information in detail at the Train PNR Status check.

While checking through the website for Train PNR Status check, we can check the facilities provided to the passenger with the details as mentioned. At Rail PNR status CAN check stands for the ticket that has been cancelled. CNF implies that the berth has been confirmed and the reservation coach number of the berth number given. In RAC the passenger will get the berth in reserved coach whereas the other passengers get cancel his/her registration at Train PNR Status. WL refers to waiting list in railways in which berth seats of the passengers will get the information whether their tickets have been reserved, if it has been not confirmed and put into waiting.

RLWL is also known as running line waiting list which is basically the tickets which are provided to intermediate stations passengers at Train PNR Status. An IRCTC PNR status to check and also shows RAC means that the passenger who has to travel on a shared berth and does not have a reserved berth. If only there are any cancellations by other passengers, the passenger would be entitled to a berth which is reserved. GNWL generally refers to waiting list number which only means in case of cancellations the passenger gets a confirmed ticket. Released which also means your ticket is a non-confirmed and which comes with an offer with an alternate option for the passenger all these we can refer only through rail PNR status in the railway website.

Train PNR Status in the railway website is a ticket booking assistance that provides whether the ticket is in waiting list, reserved or confirmed etc. The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record. Passengers will eventually end up within the situation of getting train ticket on waiting-list when they are traveling by Indian railway in India. It is really a very common factor which also helps the passengers to know whether passenger’s ticket is confirmed or else you have to look at your current Train PNR Status. As it is easily done through online, Only through IRCTC booking system passenger will know about the present position in train on wait-list from which it is used to present on the top of the page.

There is some great travel planning websites which gives the passenger to know about the booking status in just few mints. In few clicks passenger can find Train PNR Status in an amazing Inquiry app too. Through the unique PNR number passenger will get to know all their travel related queries and also gets the required information. It also help the passenger in knowing the exact status of the train, whether the ticket is confirmed or not, you have been provided with berth number and what is the exact amount of money that passenger have to pay for their journey. If there are any cancellations by other passengers, the passenger would be entitled to a reserved berth. At Train PNR Status released refers to that the ticket is a non-confirmed and which comes with an offer of an alternate option for the passenger.

Indian Railways short word information


Term Full Form Category
PNR Passenger Name Record Indian Railways
WL Waiting List Indian Railways
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation Indian Railways
SL Sleeper Class Indian Railways
3A AC 3 Tier Indian Railways
3 E AC 3 Tier Economy Indian Railways
2S Second Sitting Indian Railways
FC First Class Indian Railways
2A AC 2-Tier Sleeper Indian Railways
1A First Class AC Indian Railways
GN General Quota Indian Railways
DF Defence Quota Indian Railways
CK Tatkal Quota Indian Railways
SS Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota Indian Railways
LD Ladies Quota Indian Railways
HP Physically Handicapped Quota Indian Railways


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