How to Get Confirm Tatkal Tickets?

Goto IRCTC Official Pages

Step 1: Go to IRCTC Official Page and login your Page – ( as shown in below image )

login page irctc

Step 2: please enter your journey details and click on – ( as shown in below image )


Step 3 :- Select Tatkal or Premium Tatkal option- ( as shown in below image )

select train

Step 4:-  Enter passengers details As Soon As Possible –

passenges details

passenges detail.2

Step 5:- Payment Option :

Recommend You to pay through Net banking for more chances of get confirm Tatkal ticket 

Good Luck !

Tatkal Charges before journey starting date 24.12.2015
Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
Second (sitting) 10 15
Sleeper 90 175
AC Chair Car 100 200
AC 3 Tier 250 350
AC 2 Tier 300 400
Executive 300 400


Tatkal Charges applicable for journey starting from 24.12.2015 onwards
Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges  (in Rs.) Minimum Distance for charge(in Km)
Reserve Second sitting (2S) 10 15 100
Sleeper 100 200 500
AC Chair Car 125 225 250
AC 3 Tier 300 400 500
AC 2 Tier 400 500 500
Executive 400 500 250

Booking railway tickets from IRCTC is the most hectic process for every Indian passenger. IRCTC is the only website to book train tickets in India, that’s why it requires much time to book a train ticket. But the process will be more hectic while booking Tatkal tickets, as most of the people book tickets suddenly by using Tatkal scheme. IRCTC website has around 12 million unique visitors per month and most of them will be on website between 10AM to 12 PM. Because it is the correct time to book Tatkal tickets online.

Booking a confirmed Tatkal ticket is not easy, as there are only few seats and most of them get booked in few seconds of Tatkal booking. You can even book your ticket one day prior to the date of journey. You can either book it from the railway ticket counter or from the official IRCTC websites.

Here are few useful methods and tips to increase the chances of getting your tatkal tickets confirmed. Auto Fill Extension is a great option to curtail the time consumed on entering the data during IRCTC tatkal booking. It is an option that enables you to fill the details (like passenger names, age, address etc.) and save the details of your journey. Using this extension, you can automatically fill the data during IRCTC tatkal booking.  First visit the official website of IRCTC and login to your account. After choosing the train and the preferred class, select BOOK TICKET option. Click on the plugin, it will fill the data for you. Select the payment option and enter the requisite details. And you will get your tickets confirmed.

Magic auto fill is a simple tool designed to speed-up the tatkal booking process. This is not a tool designed or backed by Indian Railways or IRCTC. Magic autofill is an individual program, developed by Amit Agarwal. You can use Magic Autofill option to fill the IRCTC reservation form with just one click. You can enter all your details on IRCTC website before 10 am and click the “replan” button when it comes to payment. The IRCTC website will store all your details and the next time when you visit, it will help chrome to autosuggest some of your details. IRCTC has no endorsements towards this tool.  Apparently, Magic autofill option helps in increasing the chances of getting the tatkal tickets confirmed.

Here are some of the other few aspects to consider while booking tatkal tickets. Make sure to enter the captcha as quickly as possible and move on to the next page. High Speed Internet is very imperative for tatkal booking. Without high speed internet connection, one cannot even think about getting tatkal tickets confirmed.

So, no more failed transactions during booking of Tatkal tickets!! As these tech tools and tricks will definitely increase the chances of bagging a confirmed ticket.