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Check Indian Railway seat availability

Travelling with comfort is something that everyone looks forward, especially when it comes to train travel. No matter whether your trip is for business or leisure, Indian Railways seat availability is a crucial challenge that everyone has to surmount. Before you plan for a trip, it is vital to have detailed information about the trains available on that particular route. Once you collect information about the number of trains operating on your preferred route, the next huge task is to find the number of berths available. However, with outset of online reservations, railway bookings have become quite simple.

Indian Railways seat availability can be checked easily online via official website of Indian railway. The database will be present for the next 90 days. Updated information about the seats availability gives you an idea, whether to travel in the preferred class or to choose for an alternative. Passengers who are ready to spend money on comfort and travel luxuriously will obviously opt for First Class, while those on a tight budget generally prefer the sleeper class.

It is quite easy and simple to check the railway seats availability online. You just have to follow the below mentioned procedure to check the railway seats availability.

Log on to the official website of Indian railways by entering the username and password. Enter the details of your Origination and Destination Station name. Then, enter your journey date or you can also click the calendar icon to enter the journey date. Select the preferred choice of class in which you desire to travel. If you want to check seats availability in all classes, then select “My classes are Flexible” and click on the “Search” button. It will display the list of all available trains for prescribed destinations.  From the given list, select the train in which you opt to travel and click on the option “Check Status”. It will provide information regarding the preferred seats availability.

These simple steps will guide you to check the railway seats availability for the preferred train on desired date. Hence, online facilities provided by the Indian railways are very beneficial as it helps to book your train tickets, check the availability of seats, cost of the tickets and to check train schedule. You may even cancel tickets online if the need arise.

Hence, there is nothing to worry about in planning for a trip, as it is very easy to book online tickets and avail information regarding railway seats availability.  So we wish you Happy Travelling!