Train Coach Position

Check Train Coach Position

Travelling by train in India is often a splendid experience. One of the aspects that has to be kept in mind while boarding a train is the coach position, as it determines the ease of boarding the train. Without this vital piece of information, the entire aspect of boarding the train on time and with ease becomes arduous. Indian trains are quite long and the total number of coaches would be around 20 coaches per train. However, getting to know the coach number is not a tough task.

Finding a train coach position is very simple as you just need to check with the Indian Railways reservation chart. Only after the preparation of reservation chart by Indian Railways, train coach position can be checked. Before looking for train coach position you must get familiarized with specific prefixes that indicate coach numbers. With the internet, it has become very easy to avail train coach position information online. There are number of user-friendly websites that helps you get coach information at the click of a button.

Smart-phones have evolved across the globe in an unprecedented scale. There are billions of people who use smart-phones. Nowadays, we have numerous apps for androids and for other phone operating systems that helps to locate train coach position. It provides coach information on the go, as you need not log onto a computer to know the exact position of your coach.

In order to check the exact coach status, visit trains PNR status website and select the train coach position. Enter the tickets PNR number in the provided box and click on ‘Get Coach Position’ option. A new browser window will appear stating complete detail about your train and ticket. You will see a column on the right side of webpage stating coach position. The coach position of a train is referenced by numeric number. For instance, if your coach position number is 14, it means that it is 14th coach starting from engine. Please note that if your train ticket is on waiting list even after the chart being prepared, your PNR number will not be able to track train bogie position.

Travelling by train is an enjoyable experience.  However, the inability to locate the coach can turn your joyride into a nightmare, specifically if you are travelling with family and kids. Hence, you can use the information provided above to locate your train coach and ensure to board the train on time.